What it is: 

Westfield shopping center group has unveiled its concept ‘Destination 2028’ — a 10-year vision for the future of retail. Replete with hanging sensory gardens, smart changing rooms, and mindfulness workshops, Westfield’s envisioned shopping center would be a “hyper-connected micro-city” of sorts.

Smart bathrooms would give you personalized nutritional and hydration tips; eye scanners and AI could personalize shopping fast-lanes based on what you last bought; and magic mirrors would offer you virtual reflections of yourself wearing any range of new products.

Why it’s important: 

Westfield’s designs for such high-tech ‘micro-cities’ could unlock vast new potential for retail over the next decade — combining entertainment, wellness, learning, and personalized product-matching to meet consumers’ evolving demands and imaginations.

By expanding into digitally connected ecosystems, entertainment, and classroom retail (where consumers learn new skills and grow their communities), Westfield’s ‘Destination 2028’ would create a thriving convergence of industries, where virtual meets physical, and shopping becomes part of the broader experience economy. 

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Spotted by Morgan McDermott Written by Claire Adair 

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